Scientific advisory board

The AMS Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) is comprised of a group of distinguished multinational healthcare professionals with plus years of experience in various medical fields and areas of research. The SAB assists and advises the AMS Board of Directors on various issues such as the development of new products, arising health concerns that AMS products should target, and conducting scientific reviews on existing products. This ensures that AMS avidly continues to follow a scientific approach and remains an innovative leader in the industry.


Dr. Vereczkey attained his medical degree from Albert Szent-Györgyi Medical University (Szeged, Hungary) in General Medicine, his Medical Economics and Finance degree from the Attila József University, and International & Diplomatic Studies – International Diplomacy degree from the Budapest University of Economic Sciences. He is a specialist in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, and has completed the European exam for Excellency in Obstetrics and Gynaecology. He is a certified “B” type examiner in ultrasonography in OB/GYN, has a certificate in Laser Surgery, an ESHRE Certification, a Bachelor’s in Endoscopy, and a Gynaecological Endoscopist Certificate (TESTT2, LASTT, SUTT2, HYSTT2) from the European Academy of Gynaecological Surgery. He has worked in several hospitals and institutes in Hungary, and was the founder and medical director of CIRIS (Centre for International Reproduction Institutes and Systems), the founder and medical director of the Versys Clinics Human Reproduction Institute, the Reprogenex molecular genetic diagnostic laboratory, and the Reprocare LLC. He obtained his postgraduate training in several acknowledged universities and institutes in Europe and in the USA. He is the president of the Hungarian Human Reproduction Society (HHRS), and president of International Society of Periconceptional Medicine (ISPM) based in USA. His area of expertise is infertility, reproductive genetics, endoscopic surgery, and molecular genetics, congenital anomalies. He has several research papers in international journals.


Dr. Luna joined RMA of New York in 2005 and is currently Co-Director of RMA Mexico and RMA New York International. She completed her sub-specialty training in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York, had a Masters in Clinical Embryology & Andrology from the Eastern Virginia Medical School, and the Jones Institute for Reproductive Medicine. Dr. Luna graduated with honors of excellence from the Technology Institute of Superior Studies in Monterrey. The Hospital San José-ITESM in Monterrey also awarded her for her clinical research participation in Obstetrics and Gynecology. She obtained her Doctorate degree with honors from the University of Guadalajara. Dr. Luna has served as Member of the Board of the Mexican Association of Reproductive Medicine. She belongs to the editorial committee of the Mexican Journal of Reproduction and the Mexican Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology. She is an academic professor of the Residency Program of Obstetrics and Gynecology of the American British Cowdray (ABC) Hospital in Mexico City. Dr. Luna is the principal investigator for multiple studies and has published numerous articles on reproduction in international scientific medical journals. Her areas of expertise include decreased ovarian reserve, recurrent pregnancy loss, in-vitro fertilization and pre-implantation genetic diagnosis.


Dr. Margittai graduated summa cum laude in General Medicine, at the Semmelweis University, Hungary. She obtained her PhD with the highest praise at the Molecular Medicine Doctorial School at the same university. She was a research fellow at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, a postdoctoral researcher at San Raffaele Scientific Institute (Milan, Italy), and an associate professor at the Semmelweis University. Dr. Margittai is a scientific advisor for Versys Clinics Human Reproduction Institute as well as a researcher and advisor at Reprocare LLC. She has numerous international papers in highly ranked journals with a cumulative impact factor of over 130 and a total citation of over 1000. She is a member of the Hungarian Biochemical Society, the Hungarian Human Reproduction Society, a management committee member in E-COST (European Cooperation in Science and Techonology) Action, a member of Medinprot Protein Science Network in Hungary, and a member of the management committee of the Hungarian Membrane Transport Conferences. She is also a principal investigator in different studies. Her area of expertise is antioxidant research, redox homeostasis of the cell and small molecular weight components in cellular processes.

ACTIVE – PERMANENT MEMBER | Prof. Dr. Talal A. Aburjai

Professor Aburjai received his PhD in Natural Product Chemistry and Analysis from Milan University, Italy, and completed post-doctoral studies in the University of Kentucky, USA. He has published over 200 papers in reputed journals, symposium abstracts, and patent applications, and continues to serve as an editorial board member in a number of highly regarded journals. He also has ample experience in drug development, drug registration, and GMP implementation, and is an official consultant of several regional and international pharmaceutical companies. Additionally, he was the dean of several faculties of pharmacy, and has excellent administrative experience. His research focuses on the development of innovative formulations of drugs based on medicinal plants, and on the evaluation of their activity in-vivo and in-vitro. His interests also include development of new dosage forms and analytical methods based on natural products.

ACTIVE PERMANENT MEMBER | Dr. Enrique Lledo Garcia, MD PhD

Dr. Lledó-Garcia received his degree from the University of Barcelona, and his PhD from Universidad Complutense, where he is an Associate Professor of Urology. He completed his research fellowship program at the University of Minnessota. He is a specialist in Urology, Andrology and Urethral Reconstructive Surgery, and completed the Fellow European Board of Urology. He is also specialized in laser treatment for benign prostate hyperplasia and Cryotherapy for prostate cancer. He is the head of the Andrology and Urethral Reconstructive Surgical Department and the Kidney Transplant Surgical Team of the Urology Department at Hospital Gregorio Marañón in Madrid, Spain, and the head of Urology Dept at Hospital Vithas Nuestra Señora de America. Dr.Lledó was the chairman of the Kidney Transplant Department at the Spanish Urological Association and is currently the chairman of the European Section of Transplant Urology (European Urology Association). He was the principal investigator of several research projects and the author of more than 150 papers and book chapters. He is a national and international speaker at urological congresses and courses. Dr.Lledó has also obtained a Degree in the IESE International Business School. His areas of expertise are andrology and infertility, male genital-urethral reconstructive surgery, prostate diseases and kidney transplantation.