Shaping the future for a better tomorrow

Our Company

America Medic & Science is a US based nutraceutical company established in 2007, headquartered in Seattle, Washington. We manufacture and distribute the highest quality, organic, and natural based dietary supplements for all individuals and age groups. Our management team has three decades of combined experience in pharmaceuticals, with their leadership making us pioneers in the industry. Our dedication to cutting-edge innovation and exceptional product quality has allowed us to expand our business globally. We partner with industry leaders to guarantee our product reaches our consumers worldwide so that you can live your best healthiest life.


Our Research

Our Research and Development department, comprised of a panel of exceptional scientists and doctors, are constantly perfecting our products. Our team works continuously to ensure we deliver only the safest and best nature has to offer. From sourcing improved ingredients, innovating existing products, and formulating new supplements, our products are always improving. With our teams dedication we are always focused on formulating the best products for your health.


Our Products

Our products are manufactured in state-of-the-art FDA inspected and registered facilities. By following industry wide GMP standards, our manufacturing specialists and quality experts are constantly testing throughout the process to guarantee safety and consistency. Our dedication to exceptional quality in our products is what sets us apart. Our existing products already cover a wide array of health concerns to better serve our customers, and we continually strive to find new ways to help you commit to a better healthier future for yourself and your family.

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